Multisite Platform

Reliable site to multi-site live video delivery

A Complete Platform Designed for Multisite Venues

The Multisite Platform is a turnkey streaming solution designed from the ground up to deliver video to remote locations with unprecedented reliability and quality. The complete offering includes Multisite Encoders for realtime video capture, LAN and Cloud distribution for scalable delivery, Multisite Decoders for live/DVR playback, and weekend support.

Multiste Encoders and Decoders ensure zero content loss throughout the entire transmission path, even in the case of a complete internet outage. This means that leveraging the benefits of a public internet connection to reliably distribute video is now possible. When playing back video all content comes from a local solid state hard drive which can buffer up to 60 minutes of live video in advance. This means that remote playback sites see exactly what has been encoded — no blackouts, no buffering, no jitter. It is also the only complete solution which can stream two synchronized 1080p videos at full resolution. All of this, designed in a way that is simple for volunteers to operate and easy for technical directors to manage.

3 Steps to Resilient Multisite Streaming

Step #1: Video Capture & Encode

Living As One’s Multisite Encoders capture professional audio and video by way of HDMI or HD-SDI. These encoders use the h.264 codec to efficiently compress video and live stream to our powerful content delivery network. The encoders can automatically resend any content that may be lost during transmission. This patent-pending method of live video streaming guarantees zero video loss, and enables an interruption-free remote viewing experience even if the encoding site experiences a complete temporary internet outage!

Two models are available: the Single Channel Multisite Encoder series which can capture and stream a single video feed up to 6G UHD 2160p30, and the Dual Channel Multisite Encoder which supports encoding two HD video feeds each at full 1080p60 resolution with guaranteed synchronization at playback sites. Both Multisite Encoders support 8 channels of audio.

Step #2: Video Distribution (via Cloud and LAN)

Living As One has partnered with a leading global content delivery network (Google Cloud) to ensure that each transmit site and each remote site will have incredible versatility in uploading and downloading your live media content from a nearby data center. With multiple copies of your data at multiple locations, and almost infinitely scalable storage, you can be assured that your live streams will always be nearby and accessible to your remote venues.

Since Multisite Encoders are also capable of LAN Distribution, decoders can pull live event audio/video directly from the encoder instead of the cloud!  This is a perfect option for campuses with more than one venue on the same property and for remote campuses connected with dedicated internet connections (VPL, MPLS, etc).

Step #3: Video Playback with DVR Controls

Designed with volunteer operators in mind, Living As One has developed a robust yet simple-to-use application that makes capture and playback of live video simple and reliable. Multisite Player is an application which runs on a Multisite Decoder, and allows the user to play and pause live video much like a traditional DVR. This enables the remote site to begin playback whenever they are ready. Regardless of whether the video is playing or paused, Multisite Player’s advanced algorithms will continue to download live video ahead of time to a local SSD – up to an incredible 60 minutes ahead from the paused location! This intelligent design ensures that when it comes time to play, the video is played from a local (non-networked) source – eliminating the risk of video “buffering” or pausing.

Playback operators have a clear readout of how much time is currently pre-downloaded (buffered), and are able to monitor health statistics about the local network connection. The combination of these features give pastors and production volunteers peace of mind during live/time-shifted playback, and prompt them to take action should a network problem arise. Never before has live video delivery been so easy and so reliable from end-to-end!

Customer Testimonials

"When we were preparing to launch our first satellite campus we looked to Living As One to guide us in our technology and network decisions. Their platform has allowed us to stream our services with ease. They handle the technology, so we can focus on serving our community."

Kyung Lee

Pastor, Life Point Church

"It's so scalable. Our lead pastor came to us late last year, "Okay, we've gotten to three campuses and we have those up and running smoothly. What is it going to take to get to seven? Not four. Seven." We're looking at a new campus probably in the next year, but also trying to make it easier to replicate for more campuses, and this product allows us to be more scalable than before."

Mark Shrimplin

Technical Director | Woodmen Valley Chapel

“I remember being a campus pastor sitting in the front row, and all of sudden, the screen is frozen.. As a campus pastor, you freeze. It's a terrible terrible feeling.. It sends a lull over the whole congregation. I'm happy to say we brought in Living As One in all 13 locations, and it is absolutely amazing the difference.. We aren't stressing over the satellite locations anymore for video production..”

Sam Lesky

Executive Pastor of Campus Operations, Seacoast Church

"One of the biggest sources of concern at a video campus is the reliability and quality of the video feed. The DVR feature of Multisite Platform has increased the quality and experience at our remote video campuses dramatically. Other streaming solutions we tried would skip or pause unexpectedly; but with Multisite Platform, we are confident that video from our broadcast campus will play smoothly and begin at the appropriate time."

Glen Brechner

Multisite Director, Chase Oaks Church

"You can’t invite new people into into an environment where live video pauses and expect them to be impressed. We immediately saw the benefits of Living As One, no buffering, so that campus is even starting to grow and moving to a site where they can double in size."

Scott Cramer

Multisite Director, Northwoods Community Church

"It just works! The user interface is simple for our volunteers, and the quality streaming across the public internet to our remote campuses is great. Having two perfectly synchronized videos, each at full 1920x1080 resolution, is a huge improvement over our previous system. Everyone needs to know about this!"

 Caleb Loeppky

Technical Director, The Chapel

"I unplugged our previous system and plugged Living As One in and it just worked!! We had been using something else for a year and had lots of trouble with was something each my team loves Living As One where we just sit there and watch it work! Happy to get to have confidence in a streaming solution for our campus! I'm thankful to the Living As One team to put a product like this together that works so easily so we can continue communicate the Gospel even more easily and broadly each week!"

Lee Nordine 

Director of AV Technology, Grace Fellowship Church

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