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Reliable Live Streaming for Churches

27% of viewers will abandon a stream after the first buffering wheel and another 40% after the second.

Living As One’s technology is the first to be able to handle the problems of the public internet and result in exponentially more people being able to watch.

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Frank Grand

Web Director, Newspring Church

“It just works. The reliability has been amazing, and the tickets that we receive of ‘hey, this buffered,’ or ‘hey, this went down’ has been greatly reduced. It’s just opened us up to saying, if it really is this easy to stream to all these platforms, I think we’re just in the beginning phases of getting a wide a net as possible with our online services.”


Streaming Church From Pastors’ Houses

Streaming Church From Pastors’ Houses

Streaming Church During Shelter-in-place How Faith Church Streamed From Their Pastor's Home As many states impose shelter-in-place orders, more and more churches are dealing with how to continue normal ministry content while facing the increasingly challenging...