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Northwoods Community Church

Northwoods has a thriving ministry across 5 campuses throughout Illinois.


  • Experiencing cut-outs and skipping, many times disrupting the entire service
  • Audio and video out of sync
  • Driving multiple hours to get the service
  • Less engagement at remote campuses due to sneakernet, non-live, playback
  • Rough user experience for campus volunteers, causing stress and quality complications


  • Living as One installed church-wide
  • Live experience, no more “tonight” references on a sunday morning
  • Seamless experience that volunteer’s love, with no need for training
  • Reliable and resilient 1080p playback over the public cloud without any skipping

Watch the video to hear Northwoods perspective from a few of their pastors, technical staff, and volunteers.

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Small, medium, and large churches around the globe trust Living As One. Here are just a few of them.

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Reliable Streaming for Seacoast Over an Unreliable Connection

Reliable Streaming for Seacoast Over an Unreliable Connection

Like many others in his field, Rick Russell, Production Director at Seacoast Church, faces a big challenge in streaming church services to the church’s multisite campuses. With 13 physical campuses spread throughout South Carolina, some in rural areas, multisite streaming reliability is critical for Seacoast. Russell explains, “from a leadership perspective . . . our number one most important priority from the production team is to provide the best quality video and playback at our campuses.”

Customer Testimonials


“When we were preparing to launch our first satellite campus we looked to Living As One to guide us in our technology and network decisions. Their platform has allowed us to stream our services with ease. They handle the technology, so we can focus on serving our community.”

Kyung Lee

Pastor, Life Point Church

“It’s so scalable. Our lead pastor came to us late last year, “Okay, we’ve gotten to three campuses and we have those up and running smoothly. What is it going to take to get to seven? Not four. Seven.” We’re looking at a new campus probably in the next year, but also trying to make it easier to replicate for more campuses, and this product allows us to be more scalable than before.”

Mark Shrimplin

Technical Director | Woodmen Valley Chapel

“I remember being a campus pastor sitting in the front row, and all of sudden, the screen is frozen.. As a campus pastor, you freeze. It’s a terrible terrible feeling.. It sends a lull over the whole congregation. I’m happy to say we brought in Living As One in all 13 locations, and it is absolutely amazing the difference.. We aren’t stressing over the satellite locations anymore for video production..”

Sam Lesky

Executive Pastor of Campus Operations, Seacoast Church

“One of the biggest sources of concern at a video campus is the reliability and quality of the video feed. The DVR feature of Multisite Platform has increased the quality and experience at our remote video campuses dramatically. Other streaming solutions we tried would skip or pause unexpectedly; but with Multisite Platform, we are confident that video from our broadcast campus will play smoothly and begin at the appropriate time.”

Glen Brechner

Multisite Director, Chase Oaks Church

“You can’t invite new people into into an environment where live video pauses and expect them to be impressed. We immediately saw the benefits of Living As One, no buffering, so that campus is even starting to grow and moving to a site where they can double in size.”

Scott Cramer

Multisite Director, Northwoods Community Church

“After researching many solutions, we started to believe that the solution we were really looking for simply didn’t exist. We set out to find a solution that would provide at least 6 channels of audio for translation shared click tracks across all 7 of our campuses. We also wanted a solution that would allow us to stream on public internet and across metro E simultaneously without spending $15k+ on additional encoders. In addition, we needed a solution that would allow us to send a graphics video feed as well as an IMAG feed in sync simultaneously. Finally, we needed a solution that would buffer / DVR the stream reliably and allow us to time slip. I am so grateful that we found LA1! It met and exceeded all our requirements. We would have been greatly disappointed if we had settled for another solution which wouldn’t have done half of what we needed. Living As One is a revolution for multisite streaming churches.”

Dave Bookhout

Executive Pastor of Creative Arts, newhope church

“It just works! The user interface is simple for our volunteers, and the quality streaming across the public internet to our remote campuses is great. Having two perfectly synchronized videos, each at full 1920×1080 resolution, is a huge improvement over our previous system. Everyone needs to know about this!”

 Caleb Loeppky

Technical Director, The Chapel

“I unplugged our previous system and plugged Living As One in and it just worked!! We had been using something else for a year and had lots of trouble with it…it was something each week…so my team loves Living As One where we just sit there and watch it work! Happy to get to have confidence in a streaming solution for our campus! I’m thankful to the Living As One team to put a product like this together that works so easily so we can continue communicate the Gospel even more easily and broadly each week!”

Lee Nordine 

Director of AV Technology, Grace Fellowship Church

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