Living As One Live Stream Encoders

Setting a New Standard in Distribution Reliability

Introducing the E1200 and E2200 Live Stream Encoders

Living As One’s Multisite and Live Stream Encoders have set a new standard in video delivery reliability. No other encoder on the market can withstand a complete internet outage for minutes at a time without losing content, but with the E1200/E2200 Live Stream Encoder series, you will never again have to worry about video skips because every bit of video is stored at each step in the capture and transmit process. You can literally pull the Ethernet cable(s) out of the encoder while it is streaming, and once the network connection is reestablished (or a backup connection provided) all of the video data that was recorded during the outage will be transmitted!

The Dual Channel Live Stream Encoder (specifically for Multisite Streaming) marks another first of its kind by streaming dual full resolution 1080p60 video channels with perfect synchronization. Unlike other encoders which compress two 1080 channels into a single 1080 canvas, the Dual Channel Multisite Encoder can simultaneously encode two live 1080 videos each at full resolution. This high resolution makes this series a choice fit for venues that need to transmit two synchronized high-quality live video feeds to remote locations! When working with dual video the Dual Channel Multisite Encoder allows for correction of video delay which might have been introduced by a video router or switcher, and the encoded videos are transported in the same package ensuring that videos are perfectly synchronized at the playback sites.

All Live Stream Encoders now also include automated encoder scheduling. Technical directors can set up an encoding schedule and let the platform handle the rest – No more forgetting to start or stop the stream!

 Two Encoder Models to Fit Your Needs And Budget