Campus Video Review

Living As One’s Campus Video Review provides simple and intuitive video stream monitoring of events and remote campuses so your team can make your ministry most effective.

Simple Live or Post-Event Monitoring


Timecode Event Cues for Highlights and Review


Glitch-free Stream Guaranteed Through LA1 RSP


Proactive Support for Churches

Real-time Monitoring or Post-Event Review

Campus Review utilizes the Living As One Web Platform to ensure maximum flexibility in service monitoring, whether during an event or after it’s done. Within LA1 Control, instantly access real-time playback from each campus at a glance, or use a permanent embed code to display a feed from individual campuses (for example, on an intranet or password protected web page). Pause and review any point in the service using live DVR playback.

After a service is done, access it immediately for playback easily from Control or through the campuses’ embed code, which will automatically display the most recent event.

 In Control, add event cues in order to share specific points of reference with others, great for marking highlights or areas of improvement within each event.

Rock-Solid Streaming

In the same way that the Web Platform provides perfect streaming even through internet interruptions, Living As One’s Campus review ensures reliable monitoring of services so that you don’t miss a thing. Because of Living As One’s Resilient Streaming Protocol, you can be sure of perfect, buffer and glitch-free service review before or after the event even if a campus has a complete temporary network failure.

Campus streams may also be simulcasted to Multisite Decoders for multisite playback, or YouTube or Facebook (private or public) using one upload stream (no more bandwidth required). Because of the platform’s resiliency, you can be assured that archived files (such as streams to YouTube) will be perfect and complete, with no glitches or missing data!

Flexible Hardware Options

Campus Review has flexible hardware options to meet your needs and budget. Use existing Living As One PRISM campus encoders, or add one of our low-cost, portable RAY encoders to receiving sites.

Maximize the impact and effectiveness of your ministry with Living As One’s Multisite Campus Review!